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Lip Wax - £7
Chin Wax - £7.50
Nostril Wax - £6
Side of Face Wax - £8
Neck - £7.50
Full Face & Neck wax (Excl. Brows) - £27.50
Full Arm - £15
Underarm Wax - £10
Half Leg Wax - £15
3/4 Leg Wax - £18
Full Leg Wax - £22
Abdomen Wax - £8

Bikini (Pants Line) - £12
Bikini (Thong Line) - £14
Californian (Ultra Tidy) - £17
Brazilian (Landing Strip) - £25
Brazilian (Maintenance) - £20
Hollywood (All Gone) - £27
Hollywood (Maintenance from) - £20
All Pink Wax Hollywood - £30

Waxing is a temporary procedure of hair removal which removes the hair at the root. New hairs do not grow back in the waxed area for approximately three to eight weeks. Almost any area of the body can be waxed, including eyebrows, face, bikini area, legs, arms, back, abdomen and feet.

Outback Organics range used for all our waxing treatments!

Mother Nature provides us with a bountiful treasure trove of trees, shrubs, fruits & flowers with amazing benefits for our health and skin.

The plant oils and extracts are chosen to enhance the Outback Organics range have been carefully selected for their uniquely healing, gentle and nourishing properties. They are then expertly blended with the latest cosmetic ingredients to produce beautiful products of exceptional efficacy.

Outback Organics new generation in hair removal: Outback Gold peelable wax.

Hot Waxing

Our relaxing plant based wax treatment will allow for the most comfort as well as the best hair removal effectiveness. Designed for small delicate areas ie eyebrows, underarms, lip & bikini lines.

Virtually pain free Outback gold hot wax, removes the shortest hairs from the root, encouraging finer, softer re-growth and will achieve longer lasting results. Super pliable and gentle wax removes stubborn hairs and eliminates ingrown hairs which can be caused by the hair breaking at skin level.

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